Doctor Strange | Review | Lessons to be Learned

Doctor Strange

Every time I watch Doctor Strange, I am left in a state of awe. The effects are stunning, beyond compare. I love this movie because it is quite funny and also, as mentioned above, the great effects. There are also many lessons that can be learned after watching this movie.

The Summary

After Dr. Stephen Strange is in a car accident, his whole life seems to turn upside down. Before the car accident, he was a brilliant surgeon with super steady hands. The accident takes away the use of his hands. After months and months of trying to fix his hands with traditional medicine, he goes to a mysterious place in Kathmandu, in hopes of healing by elevating his mind. Soon, he learns that there is more to this place, and that everyone is battling against dark forces. Dr. Strange has to put his surgery days behind him, because he may just be the best sorcerer in existence.

Doctor Strange Review

As I already mentioned, the effects are amazing. This movie deserves to win best effects in any movie awards. I can’t imagine how it would have been watching Doctor Strange in 3D. Did you get to watch it in 3D? I got to watch it in the theater, but not in 3D.

Lessons That The Movie Teaches Us

This movie teaches you many lessons and morals. They include:

  • Moving On

Doctor Strange thought that it was the end of him because he couldn’t be a surgeon any more. He needed to learn to move on and find another thing to give meaning to his life.

  • Have an open mind

Doctor Strange did not believe in the dark forces when it was first explained to him. He simply wouldn’t believe in it. The movie is telling us to have an open mind because clearly, anything can be true.

  • Keeping your eyes on the road while driving (and don’t speed)

Doctor Strange was injured because his eyes were on his phone while he was speeding on a winding road. I think that this movie is a good reminder to keep your eyes on the road… And don’t speed.



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