Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

When it came to watching this movie, I had to choose between this movie and NFL quarterfinals (a very big deal for me). But, I choose this movie because I wanted to see what the women in NASA did back then. I will admit, I was slightly worried that the movie would be too slow for me, since I love action-packed movies like The Avengers. But, this movie made it well worth skipping the quarterfinals. Here is a quick summary:

This movie is based on a true story where 3 African-American women, Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, did ground-breaking work for NASA, and propelled John Glenn into space. All of their work eventually led to Neil Armstrong being the first man on the moon. They crossed all sorts of gender and racial boundaries and inspired generations to come.

Wow. Before watching this movie, I had no idea that Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and all of the other women contributed so much to NASA. This is truly a girl-power movie that is still inspiring people. I liked how they incorporated humor and wit through the whole movie.

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