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Jurassic World

I have always loved watching all the Jurassic movies, and now with the new one coming out so soon, I thought it would be fun to do a Jurassic marathon- I spent the entire weekend recapping on the previous movies.  Out of all of them, my favorite is definitely Jurassic World, the most current movie (for now).  Here is a quick summary of the movie:

The Plot

Brothers Zach and Gray are delighted to get to go to the Jurassic World resort to go meet their aunt, Claire.  But their fun is cut short when the Indominus Rex accidentally is set loose, causing many other dangerous dinosaurs to escape.  What is supposed to be a fun trip quickly becomes a nightmare, as Zach and Gray struggle to stay alive. Claire and an animal expert, Owen, attempt to rescue the brothers and the rest of the tourists.

Jurassic World Review

I really like this movie, mainly because of the action.  If you have read my other movie reviews, you would know I love a good action movie- this one was no exception.  Besides the action, the movie has many other good qualities.  It also has a little humor, and all the characters are very well developed.  All in all, this movie was pretty good, and definitely a must watch.

Lessons to Learn in the Movie

  1. Taking care of each other.  In the Jurassic resort, there is no chance of survival if you only take care of yourself.  It is super important to stick with someone, and look out for each other.
  2. Always watch your back.  You never know when a big scary monster might be right behind you, with it’s mouth wide open.
  3. Don’t ever try and recreate dinosaurs!  When has reviving dinosaurs ever gone right in any of the movies?  Just stay away from these dinosaur genes, and don’t try and meddle with the past.

I highly recommend watching this movie.  If you have watched it, how did you like the movie?  Be sure to let me know by commenting!  For more posts, like and follow me on Instagram @thebookwarriors


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