Ocean’s 8 Review: Why You Should Watch This Movie

Oceans 8

This past weekend, I watched Ocean’s 8! Before watching this movie, my parents told me about the previous movies (which I haven’t watched yet). I was kind of worried, because the reviews weren’t that amazing. After recently watching a movie that didn’t do well, like Solo: A Star Wars Story, my expectations were low. Fortunately, this movie not only exceeded my expectations, but it was also one of the best heist movies that I have watched.

The Plot

Debbie Ocean has been planning a big heist for 5 years, 8 months, 12 days and counting. With the help of six other recruits, Debbie plans on stealing a diamond necklace worth $150 million.

Ocean’s 8 Review

This movie was really good, even better than I expected. I liked it because there was a good amount of humor incorporated throughout the movie. Also, they left a little suspense, and didn’t reveal the whole heist plan before the heist. The ending was pretty unexpected, and not easy to guess.

Why you should watch it

Though this movie is about a heist, it actually has a lot of positive lessons and reasons to watch it. Here are a few:

1. It stresses the importance of teamwork. Without each other, they have no chance of pulling off the heist.

2. GIRL POWER!! In many movies, the thieves or con artists are men, but in this movie, they are women. Only a few heist movies star women.

3. The fun. This movie is pretty fun to watch. It is fun to see how the characters plan the heist.

4. The jewels. There’s something dazzling about all the glimmering jewels. They are super pretty, and part of the fun is seeing what jewels people are wearing.


Definitely don’t skip out on this movie. Are you planning on watching it? What are your favorite heist movies? Be sure to let me know in the comments. For more posts, like and follow me on Instagram @thebookwarriors. 🙂 


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